3 childhood friends and a dream.
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We're Colin, Zack and Josh. We're entrepreneurs, investors and most importantly, friends. We like to make a ruckus in the Minnesota founder ecosystem and beyond.

Colin Hirdman
Zack Steven
Josh Becerra
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Our Story

We've known each other since we were in 2nd grade. We carry this bond into our adult lives, both personally and professionally. So much so that we came up with the "5 Fs": Friendship, Family, Finances, Freedom, and Fun!

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Why we do it

Our mission is to build and contribute to creating as many successful companies and founders as we can in our lifetimes. We believe there is nothing greater than spreading the benefits of entrepreneurship to every corner of the globe.

Create as many successful founders as possible
Create companies that generate value
Support other organizations in meaningful ways
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Picture of Monkey Island Park circa 1980

What we do

We run two service companies, two startups, invest in the Minnesota startup community, and host events to make entrepreneurship more accessible.

Augurian Office
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Augurian is our digital marketing company. We help companies have confidence in their digital marketing.

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Cloudburst is our software company. We help founders get to traction with custom software.

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Rainmaker grows your LinkedIn network, leads, and sales. 100% done for you.

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winwinGO connects Founders, Talent and Funders to create amazing companies where everyone wins.

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Shared Success Agreements allow you to invest your talent or money in promising companies for a share of future revenue. Try it now!

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